"GET ON THAT PLANE AND COME TO KAIROS! The most amazing experience ever and such an awesome vibe!" - 2021 DANCER

"It is a super inclusive and supportive environment, perfect for all abilities. ABSOLUTELY COME.  It offers amazing opportunities to learn, grow and make new connections! " - 2021 DANCER

"Be the dancer who goes for it! I have attended Kairos 2 years in a row and it blows my mind every time. I remember nervously booking my first Kairos convention and when I look back it was the best decision I ever made in my dance training! From connecting with other NZ dancers, learning from the industry’s best to the overall electric vibe… KAIROS HAS IT ALL! Just go for it! "- 2021 DANCER

"This is by far the best convention in New Zealand and it enables you to grow and learn from awesome and skilled tutors. Such a lovely environment to dance in :) Kairos was the highlight of my year, and I absolutely love it!" - 2021 DANCER

"If there is only one dance event I am going to for the year, this is the one.... Nothing beats the Kairos vibe" - 2021 DANCER

"You can't rob yourself of such phenomenal experience, amazing opportunities and the best time of your life. Please please please, try it!!!! " - 2021 DANCER

" Definitely give it a go! The experience and thrill of being able to do what you love amongst other amazing dancers while learning new choreography from international tutors is something you can't miss!!! " - 2019 DANCER
" The tutors are amazingly talented with so much experience and to learn from them is incredible.   It's not as intimidating as it looks and its open to everybody. You learn something new that you can't really learn anywhere else. "  - 2019 DANCER
" It's a really great experience and you learn so much! Don't expect too much of yourself or compare yourself to others; everyone is friendly and you can take something new from every dancer there.  It's definitely worth it. I think I came back to chch much stronger , with a different mindset and such different choreography styles that really inspired me. Definitely something I would recommend doing every year especially for those dancers that don't  many competitions. Thank you for this opportunity. " - 2019 DANCER
" Give it a go, they do cater for all levels!!  It is non-stop fun and the tutors are all so encouraging and the choreography is out of this world. " - 2019 DANCER
" Its a fantastic, action packed two days, lots of enthusiasm from the tutors which is infectious for the dancers. " - 2019 DANCER
" Definitely go - great tutors, music, venue, so much fun and really inspirational. "   - 2019 DANCER
" I don't know why you wouldn't go! I will drag you there personally as you will SO REGRET not going to this convention it comes with the whole package - Amazing choreographers, incredible opportunities, a chance to meet new people and get inspired, great merchandise, venue and finally a whole lot of fun!!! So don't be dumb, GO TO KAIROS 2021. "  - 2019 DANCER
" Don't be scared. All levels are welcomed and celebrated. Any dancer would fall in love with this convention! " - 2019 DANCER
" It's AMAZING! The vibe and energy that tutors and dancers give off is extraordinary. It makes you just want go crazy with excitement. It's definitely worth the money and there's so many cool things you can get and learn there! " - 2019 DANCER
" Definitely do it, I loved every second of it and it reminded me on how much I love dance!! "  - 2019 DANCER
" Definitely come! Especially if you're serious about dancing - this is the kind of environment you need to get used to and thrive in! So beneficial and great opportunity to mix up your usual dance training. " - 2019 DANCER
" Definitely attend! This event is amazing and the calibre of tutors is so high! Tutors and staff are all so encouraging - loved this event! " - 2019 DANCER