Sadly, we have been forced to come to the decision, based on many factors, that we are going to be putting Kairos Dance Convention on hold until 2021.  Our main factors for this are below and are centred around keeping our dancers, tutors and crew safe: 


  1. Social Distancing - Group gatherings are currently at 0 (self isolation only) and we highly doubt this number will be back up to over 500 by June 20th this year.
  2. Border Restrictions - Current border restrictions mean that we would not be able to get our International Tutors into the country.
  3. 14 Day Isolation - Even if we could get tutors to NZ, they would then have to self isolate for 14 days if the current restrictions were still in place, and then, we would still potentially run the risk of them having contracted Co-vid19.  Kairos with no tutors: Not a vibe! 


Please know that we went through ALL options to try to keep Kairos running this year, however for the safety of our dancers, our tutors and our Kairos Crew we had to make this hard decision.  

Now what....?

If you had already purchased a ticket please see your options below:

We would like to offer you, our loyal and committed Kairos dancers, the below two options:

  1. A transfer of your ticket to Kairos 2021 ⚡️CHECK OUT THE BELOW OFFER ⚡️ 
  2. A refund of your ticket minus the $10 booking fee (per pass) that is charged to Kairos by a third party that Kairos cannot recover.  


⚡️ BONUS for those that choose to transfer their ticket to Kairos 2021 ⚡️ 
We will be offering everyone that chooses to transfer their Kairos pass to our 2021 convention access to online (KAIROS 2021 DANCERS ONLY) classes with some of your 2020 tutors!!!  If you decide to get a refund, unfortunately this will not be available to you.  

We know this is a tough time for everyone, including us here at Kairos, and while we respect everyone's choice, by transferring your ticket to 2021 you will be helping us keep this event alive for years to come.  



Transfers - If you decide that you would like your pass transferred to Kairos 2021, please email us at saying that you would like to be TRANSFERRED (please include your order number).  Your pass will then work get you in the doors for Kairos 2021 and we CANT WAIT to see your beautiful faces then 💖Once we have heard from everyone we will then send all those who transferred their pass to 2021 the links to your ONLINE FREE CLASSES WITH YOUR KAIROS TUTORS.  Please bear with us while we wait for everyone to respond.  We are hoping that these online classes will be around June or earlier.  

Refunds - If you decide you would like a refund - Please email and we will get this sorted for you - Please include your order number 👍
** Refunds only valid until 30th April.

Thank you for purchasing your pass early and supporting Kairos through this challenging time.  We would like to your send your family and dance family all our love and best wishes.  

Make sure you keep supporting your local studio and getting involved with all their online classes to keep up your dance training, and more importantly, your spirits over this crazy time. 

Sending Love,
- The Kairos Team